2020 Nashville Small Business Holiday Gift Guide


This year I have made it my personal mission, and I hope you will too, to shop small this holiday season! And not just small but also female-owned. As a small business owner myself, I know the hard work, dedication and passion it takes to keep a small business operating. I also know that 2020 has brought certain challenges that have offered many small businesses, like mine, a chance to pivot in a new direction. 

For five years, I have had the pleasure of calling Nashville my hometown. Nashville with its incredible music scene is also a city where many creative women live and thrive making their wares. 

For this holiday season, I decided to compile a list of some of my favorite businesses local to Nashville, Tennessee that are woman-owned and just oh so amazing. In categories like Fashion, Food, Wellness, and Home, in my Nashville Small Business Holiday Gift Guide, you are sure to find something special for the women in your life this year. Maybe you will even forward this to your loved ones to give them ideas to give to YOU this season.  All of these businesses I absolutely adore. They are some of my friends and my personal favorites. Shopping small not only helps support business owners that may have been impacted by COVID19 this year, but it also helps give back to our community.

Let’s show these amazing businesses some LOVE! 


When people think of Nashville and fashion in the same sentence, they tend to think of cowboy hats, cowboy boots, and maybe some fringe thrown in. Yes there is a lot of that in Nashville, but you might be surprised to find out that you can also find some amazing companies with unique designs and much more refined investment pieces. Take a look at 3 of my favorites.  

Ceri Hoover

Ceri Hoover is a dear friend and an amazing designer who creates beautiful, quality products that last a lifetime. Ceri and I first met through our husbands who were roommates their freshman year of college at Sewanee in Sewanee, Tennesee. We quickly bonded over our Southern upbringings and of course our love of fashion.  

Ceri’s leathers are so luxe and special. I personally own two of her bags and am eyeing her latest creation made of black waxed suede (featured above), which Ceri calls her favorite leather. Her designs will never go out of style and will carry you from one phase of life to the next. 

If you are looking for a gift under $100, make sure to check out her snake chains, envelope card cases, and soft sunglass case. The perfect accessories to any woman’s handbag. 

Emerson Grace

Emerson Grace is a boutique local to Nashville’s famous 12 South neighborhood. Their motto iselevated casual.  where women shop”  Emerson Grace is the perfect place to give + to get this holiday season. Kimberly Lewis, the owner and buyer, was one of the first women of the Nashville fashion scene to support me in my endeavor to expand my services to the women of this amazing town. She strives to provide a top shopping destination for women’s contemporary fashion with an elevated casual approach for the fashion-forward female. I like to think of it as California meets Tennessee. With some of my favorite lines like Brochu Walker, A Piece Apart, Ulla Johnson, and Xirena to name a few, she selects pieces with a refined flare. If you aren’t local to Nashville, consider purchasing an Emerson Grace gift card for a special woman this year. 

Seraphine Design 

Next on my list is a jewelry designer I consider to be unique and very special, Seraphine Design. I first met Brooke Seraphine, the company’s founder, at a holiday market at the former Peter Nappi store. I was in awe of her use of natural stones and the meaning behind each one and which chakra it correlates to and enhances in the body. 

Seraphine Design believes that “true beauty is natural; something that doesn’t need a lot of work. Their signature stone, raw pyrite, is the personification of this philosophy.” Each stone is raw, natural, and one-of-a-kind, so you know you are getting something so unique with each piece. What’s not to love when you can wear a piece that is healing to a certain chakra, but also beautiful and stylish.  Seraphine is a prime example of my philosophy behind Healing with Style as each piece they create can bring both to a woman. Browse their amazing collection on their website and make sure not to miss out. 


By now, y’all know my love of food, especially when it comes to clean, healthy food. And my Nashville gals definitely have an abundance of it. Nashville has been typically thought of as a meat and three kind of town with southern barbeque and the infamous Hot Chicken taking the lead for its cuisine until recent years when a whole new crop of cuisine and restaurants have moved in. Below are a few of Nashville’s incredible female chefs who are spreading their goodness. 

Happy Belly

Happy Belly is a personal chef service owned by Megan Haley, a holistic health coach and chef. Megan and I have not officially met in person, but not only do we both spell our names the “right way” but we were both speakers for a women’s collective group of amazing women called FYI Nashville, now FYI Plus. Megan and I are like minded health conscious clean eaters, and I am thrilled to give her a shout out in this gift guide. 

Happy Belly provides custom nourishing meals to new mothers, busy families, and anyone else who needs help getting fresh food on the table.  Megan is offering 20% off gift certificates AND holiday catering now through Black Friday.  So contact her today to find out how Happy Belly can take meal prep off your plate! 

Laura Lea Balanced 

What can I say about my friend Laura Lea  of Laura Lea Balanced? Soon after we met through a mutual friend, Laura Lea invited me over to her house and cooked an incredible gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free,  lunch with all of my crazy food allergies in mind. I have never received such a gracious welcome in my life from someone I barely knew.

 Laura Lea is a certified Holistic chef, recipe developer and writer. She is rooted firmly in her hometown of Nashville, TN. She is the author of the critically acclaimed “Simply Laura Lea” a cookbook that focuses on “whole and fresh foods that will make you feel great.” She is also the author of her latest creation,  The Laura Lea Balanced Cookbook. She has a holiday gift bundle going on for this holiday season, which includes her cookbook and her Meal Plan which is saving women I know so much money and  time every week, as well as jewelry from both By May and Erin McDermott two other Southern ladies. Make sure to grab one of the bundles while you still can. 

Ramen Otaku

My last but definitely not least Nashville food mention is a cookbook called  “RAMEN OTAKU: Mastering Ramen at Home.” from chef and friend Sarah Gavigan, of the very popular local haunt, Otaku Ramen with its 3 locations. Sarah and I first met through one of my oldest friends in New York and then once we moved to Nashville learned that we also have a dear mutual friend from our times of living in LA. Sarah is a go-getter and incredible businesswoman whom I admire. And who wouldn’t want to learn to make Ramen at home from a woman who taught herself how to make the Japanese staple out of a passion for their food and their culture? I remember being broke and living in New York when I first started my career and cups of ramen saved the day for dinner many nights. But now you can buy this awesome book for the food lover in your life to learn how to make a healthy gourmet ramen on their own.  


My love of healthy, clean products runs deep. Having been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis at only 24 years old, I have made one of my missions to not only put clean food in my body but to put clean products on my body too. Moving from LA to Nashville 5 years ago, I was concerned that finding options as readily available as they are in LA, was going to be a challenge. It was at first but very quickly places started popping up that allowed me to embrace some of the things I most cherish and appreciate, non-toxic products. 

Poppy & Monroe

When we first moved to Nashville’s Germantown neighborhood close to downtown, and I discovered there to be a health spa within walking distance of our townhome, I was hooked. Residing in an old house,  Poppy and Monroe was founded by Karen Kops in 2015. Her spa is centered around her desire to help people feel better, as captured in their motto, “Feel Beautiful. Naturally.” They use non-toxic products to protect you and our environment. They offer unique services like outdoor mani-pedis, gua sha, sugaring, skincare, brows and lashes and so much more! As someone who has MS, I appreciate their commitment to green beauty brands and clean living. Having visited more times than I can count, I absolutely love all their services. Grab a gift certificate this year for the woman who deserves to be pampered. Maybe even grab something for yourself in the meantime. 

Lemon Laine

Another special shop you can’t miss out on is Lemon Laine. Lemon Laine carries products that work (and that happen to be good for you too). Like me, they are obsessed with clean ingredients and curate the best of the best, making it easier to shift to a more natural routine. Laura Lemon, its founder, created Lemon Laine in East Nashville to bring a bit of fun and clarity to the beauty shopping experience. Partnering with some of the best vendors and beauty experts in the world, Laura hand-picks each product with an emphasis on quality and natural ingredients. She knows there’s no one-size-fits-all or miracle creams and believes that beauty should be personal, honest and fun. You should love your routine–whether that’s one product or ten! That’s my kind of woman. Make sure to buy a gift card to give the gift of gathering a personalized beauty routine tailored specifically to a special woman in your life.  

Flourish Meditation 

For those of you who don’t already know, I love to meditate. I don’t do most of my days without it. I first heard about Flourish Meditation through Instagram right around the time the pandemic got going. I have not been myself, but I have heard wonderful things about them. 

Flourish is a meditation studio dedicated to your own growth. Mind. Body. and Breath. Their classes focus on teaching you how to grow your own meditation practice. Walk into their relaxing studio in one of their locations, Nashville, Seattle or Milwaulkee or book an online class. Contact them to purchase a gift pack of private meditation sessions. I would call that the perfect gift for any woman who has a lot going on in their life right now and needs to learn how to calm their minds. 


Interior design is one of my side passions. I have redone two homes in Nashville over our 5 years here and flipped both. I love the creativity that the design process provides because just like my client’s personal style, each home has a body of its own just waiting to find its unique design aesthetic. And when it comes to decor and colors, sometimes the colors that we love but aren’t the best ones for us to wear on our bodies, can be the ones that feed a space that we call home. See below for my top picks of unique finds this town has to offer this holiday season. 

Redo Home and Design

Redo Home and Design is a Nashville based home and interior design company located in Nashville’s “design district.” Redo’s brick and mortar showroom carries carefully curated home furnishings, which they hand select. They have recently expanded some exclusive items to their online shop. The women of Redo source from brands that are produced in a sustainable and mindful manner. I love browsing items in their store and have bought natural rugs from them for both of the Nashville homes we have redone ourselves, as well as gifts. 

Redo offers free in-house design services to assist you in furniture, lighting and art selections. They are a collective of talented and amazing artists each with their own take on a clean and minimal style. Contact them to purchase items or design services for the woman you know who has just moved into a new home. 

Happily Grey

Mary Lawless Lee began her blog, Happily Grey, as a hobby. She has grown her Instagram account to 995k followers through her hard work, passion, and following her intuition day to day. I have not had the pleasure of meeting Mary personally, but I sat next to her for a brief moment at the Thompson Hotel bar a couple years back, and I will never forget drooling over the colorful jacket she was wearing. 

With a new flagship store on Charlotte Avenue in Nashville, you will find a hand-picked selection of fashion and home from some of Mary’s favorite brands and designers. Her collection of throws, the Abstract Throw seen here, are some of my fave pieces. Make sure to check out her website if you are not local to Nashville to see an array of special gift ideas. 

Handmade Studio TN

Handmade studio TN is owned by ceramic artist, mother, and workshop host Morgan Williamson. I have never met Morgan myself, but I am a big fan of her beautiful ceramics. From mugs to cheeseboards to serving platters and dinnerware, Handmade Studio TN is located in the studios of 100 Taylor, a space that holds many memories for me of our time working and living in the hip Germantown neighborhood of Nashville. It is the perfect gift stop for the women in your life who love to entertain. I love Morgan’s neutral colors that will go with anything in your home but with a twist. They feel modern and vintage to me at the same time and perfect for mixing and matching with various pieces in a collection or even starting a wedding registry. The Capri platter, the Butter Dome, and this large Lace Gunmetal plate are some of my faves. I think a gift certificate for a Clay Workshop to create and learn how to mold your own piece sounds like a super cool way to spend a day feeling clay in between your hands. 

With any of these Nashville, Tennessee artisans and makers, you really can’t go wrong this year. There is a little something for every woman in your life whether she’s your daughter, mother, mother-in-law, sister, girlfriend, or child’s teacher, you are bound to find the perfect gift with these women-owned small businesses. 

Of course, don’t also forget that my Define Your Style package is a great gift to give a woman who is in need of a little style pick me up. Whether she is frustrated with her closet and you always hear her say she has nothing to wear or she doesn’t have clothes that fit, it’s the perfect gift to boost her confidence AND help her learn how to use what she already owns in her closet. 

Hope y’all stay safe and have a healthy and Happy Thanksgiving this week. Don’t forget to Shop Small this year for Small Business Saturday!!