I am Personal Styling and MS thriving daily. With a decade as a personal wardrobe stylist under my belt and 15 years of thriving with Multiple Sclerosis, I have learned that no two bodies are the same. What makes one person feel great may not be the same for the next person, whether it’s the clothes they wear, the food they eat, or the medicine they take. With my compassionate and mindful approach, I build confidence in my clients not just to look good but to FEEL good as soon as they walk out the door in the morning. 

For too many years, as I worked my way up in the worlds of celebrity PR and personal wardrobe styling in New York and LA, I held my condition at arm’s length. I wasn’t willing to accept the label of Multiple Sclerosis. Instead of saying I “have” MS, I told people; I was merely “diagnosed” with it. The day finally came when I had my worst MS exacerbation to date in the late fall of 2017 that I had no choice but to walk with my fears and see what lay beyond them. It forced me to slow down and dig deep into the depths of myself. In doing so, I found meditation, which I had resisted for so long, and has since become the keystone of my healing along with deep emotional work.  

That experience—my “year of newness”— as I like to call it, helped me see my life’s work in a whole new light. For years, I’d helped other people build confidence through a rediscovery of their personal style. My goal was always to help them look more like their true and honest selves—not just a mannequin for the latest fashions, but as unique people with amazing journeys inside them. 

Whenever I found the perfect outfit hiding at the back of an overstuffed closet—the key to bringing my client’s real, vibrant self to the surface—I felt like I’d truly made a difference. Now, I was determined to bring those talents to my own healing. 

These are the discoveries I’ve brought to Healing With Style. Remission isn’t just when trouble takes a coffee break. It’s a chance to re-mission yourself to something so big and exciting that you just can’t wait to begin it. You can be a “lady who launches” – not just a lady who lunches. Whether you’re talking to doctors, to the cells of your body, or the people in your life, you have the power to create newness in your looks and in yourself. 

My mission here is to empower YOU to heal yourselves and your closets from the inside out—to find the Yes, No, and Maybe piles in your closet and in your life and health. I am here to help you live your inspiration as I do and to guide you on a journey of making changes. 

My tangled path to newness has given me newfound appreciation for myself, my loved ones, my clients, and to the art and science of personal style. After spending time with my husband, Craig, and our dog, Hawk, it is my joy and privilege to dedicate myself to helping you create just such an adventure in your own life. Come along on a whole life journey of wellness with me!