The Year of the Sweats – Pants, Job, Election, and Perimenopause

2020 has been the year of the sweats: LITERALLY. Between job loss, virtual homeschooling, and the election it has been a truly trying year for so many people causing stress, anxiety, and sleeplessness.

If you are anything like me, 41 and experiencing hormone changes and perimenopause symptoms, it has not been pleasant on a whole other level as well. Night sweats so severe I wake up drenched. Talk about sleeplessness. And big zits like I’ve never had before in my life. Oh….the joys of being a woman.

It sure has caused us ALL challenges we never expected on SO many levels.

Trends for Fall 2020

As a personal wardrobe stylist for over a decade, one thing I absolutely never expected is that sweatpants would be on trend. The more I have witnessed this trend this year, the more I have enjoyed watching it unexpectedly unfold. Comfort doesn’t have to be considered just loungewear anymore. It can be seen as stylish too.

If you know me, you know my love of elastic waist trousers these days too – not just for their bladder friendly ease of getting them off and on quickly, but also for their slouchy yet cool look. When I was younger, I used to consider elastic waists an old woman thing. I would NEVER be caught dead in an elastic waist pant unless it was a cool legging. Otherwise, I would only wear them as pajamas. Now women of all ages, shapes and sizes can wear them, and still look great.

So many designers are taking note of making many of the elastic waist pants skinnier to give us longer lines or adding pleats to give them a slightly more tailored look and feel. Some are even giving us the option to choose low rise, mid-rise or high-rise styles of sweatpants to complement our proportions as if we were choosing a new pair of jeans – an Image Consultant’s dream!

For so long women have suffered for fashion. Remember the line from “A Devil Wears Prada” where Emily Blunt’s character said “I am just one stomach flu away from my goal weight.” Women have always been expected to be skinny and wear tight clothes or uncomfortably high heels. Now we can be in fun sneakers or combat boots and a jogger pant and still be the most bad-ass babe in the room.

Sweat Sets

I am not as into the entire sweatsuit look for myself since I love mixing and matching pieces, but that doesn’t mean that I am against it for all of my clients. I, personally, would rather spend on just the pair of pants that I love and who says I can’t wear a cute top and jacket with a pair of cool sweatpants and have an awesome new look?

But just as I always tell my clients to hang their work suits as separates, so that they will actually wear each piece more, I would say the same thing about a sweat set. You don’t always have to wear the set together. You can wear the sweatshirt or top with a cool pair of pants or over a skirt or dress or the sweatpants with a fun top and a leather jacket and walk out the door.

Virtual Styling

So, in honor of this new trend, I decided to do two round-ups of some of my favorite designers’ sweatpants AND elastic waist trousers I am loving right now. I chose to pull all neutrals, some with patterns, some solids. Nothing too wild because I want you to see how they can also turn into a more sophisticated option for work looks as well as lounge looks.

The best sweatpants for 2020

1) The Great – Warm-Up Sweatpant
2) Worthy Threads Pink/Camel Tie Die Joggers
3) Source Unknown
4) Sundry Leopard Classic Sweatpant 
5) Splendid EcoKnit Recycled Fleece Sweats
6) The Great – The Wide Leg Cropped Sweatpant

Elastic Waist Trousers

1.) Sea – Acid Wash Denim Pants
2.) Alice and Olivia – Vegan Leather Jogger
3.) Vince – Wide Leg Pull on Pants
4.) Vince – Easy Pull On Pants
5.) Madewell – Tie Waist Huston Pants
6.) Vince – Classic Plaid Pull on Pant

We can continue working from home, while still being comfortable AND stylish at the same time. Two of my favorite words and better yet, feelings, to describe a great look!

Today, as the election comes to a close, Mercury Retrograde ends, and November 2020 tips off the holiday season, let’s all focus on staying healthy and positive as best we can.

And so it is. Healing with Style!

Xo, Megan