Heal Your Style (And Let Your Style Heal You)

I met Amanda while I was having a vitamin IV recently. I was reading Gabby Bernstein’s new book, Super Attractor, and noticed Amanda looking my way. She asked me about the book and told me that she’d read all of Gabby’s other books. I knew right away that, thanks to Gabby and the universe, Amanda and I had been put in the same place at the same time.

Amanda asked me what I do for a living. I explained that I am a personal wardrobe stylist, based in Nashville, and that I help people edit their closets and style their looks. She said she’d edited a little recently, but that it was hard for her to let go. Because of her health, Amanda hadn’t been able to work for five years. When she edited, she put all of her unused suits and work clothes in bins. Those bins were still sitting in her garage, waiting for the day she returned to her old life.

But that old life is not coming back, I explained. Amanda needed to let go of those bins in her garage. That was going to be part of her healing.

“But there are some expensive clothes in there,” she said.

I told her that she needed to let those clothes go—let them be of service to others. She could donate them, sell them, pass them on… but letting them be of service to others would serve her too.

Dress For Your Newness

I recognized Amanda’s dilemma because it was one I’d been through myself. At one point in my healing journey, I took a year away from work—my “Year of Newness” that led me on a deeper spiritual quest to find both physical and soulful wellness. Through that quest, I learned that illness forces change… but healing changes you even more. Trying to hold on to an old life can prevent that healing from proceeding naturally.

As I told Amanda, every time she walks into that garage, those bins are a reminder that she “CAN’T” work, that her life “ISN’T” working right now. They are taunting her. They are holding her back. It’s been five years: she HAS to let them go.

Once she IS in a better place with her health, I told her, then SHE will be new as well. She will create newness when she is ready, and that will start to happen once she lets go of the old life. She won’t want to wear those clothes again anyway. She is creating a NEW Amanda, so those old clothes won’t serve her anymore. Her new job—or whatever she is guided to next—will also be new and fresh, and she will be new and healing, so she will want new clothes anyway.

And her old clothes will then be part of someone else’s NEWNESS.

There will always be someone who wants you to stay who you were. It’s understandable: chances are the person you were was a pretty wonderful person… but you can only be who you are NOW, and NOW is what matters. Amanda told me that her husband is sentimental. He doesn’t want her to get rid of certain things, because they remind him of special times and places. But what does SHE want? What will make HER feel good? And WHO is she becoming?

As we continued to talk—both of us receiving our vitamins—it became clear that part of Amanda’s healing is to let go of being angry and sad about the ways that her illness has held her back. This change in her life allows something new to come to her. Once she lets herself be excited about that newness, doors will open. They always do.

Running into Amanda was no chance meeting. It was more than a chance to pass on something important I’d learned on my own journey… finding the words helped me express something entirely new. Her newness became part of my own. We served each other on that day.

Your Healing Style

On the day I met Amanda, she wore workout clothes… all in black. She said it was pretty much all she ever wore.

I told her how I used to do exactly the same thing—and then I reminded myself just how important COLOR is. Color is healing!! My advice was to wear clothes that are comfortable… but make sure they spoke to her personality and fueled her healing energy. No matter what your circumstances are, give yourself permission to dress up now and again, or add just a little flair to your everyday outfit. Definitely embrace workout clothes—your “healing” clothes—but give yourself permission to have fun with them. Always, always wear clothes that help her HEAL WITH STYLE.

What are you holding onto RIGHT NOW that doesn’t serve you anymore?

A closet edit isn’t just a way of getting rid of clothes that are out of style, or that don’t fit you, or are too worn out to wear. It’s coming to terms with the person you are TODAY and the one you are open to becoming. By letting old clothes be of service to others—and they will be, I promise—you open yourself up to new possibilities.

Some clothes will always be a part of you, just as some part of yourself will never change. If you’re having trouble deciding, ask yourself one important question: Is this part of my healing?

It may be healing to keep that item… it may be more healing to let it go. But if it isn’t part of your healing style, then it has no place in your closet.

I ran into Amanda not too long ago. Once again, we were both getting an IV. I barely recognized her as she was dressed in her normal clothes, looking fabulous and spiffy. The burst of color in her outfit was matched by a new wave of energy around her.

Amanda told me she’d gotten rid of half the clothes in the garage bins—and that her husband had actually let go of some of his things too! It made her want to keep going, so she was feeling good about that and definitely continuing on her healing path.

“I feel terrible,” she said. “But you look great!” I replied. As I knew from my own experience, looking great on the outside was the start of feeling better on the inside, too. If you look good, I told her, you will feel good… and heal good as well.

I emerged from my own year of newness with a fresh outlook on life. Although I’d been a personal wardrobe stylist for years, I became energetically aware of why I was here to fulfill this purpose: Style is healing. It is an absolute good: You can look good, you can feel good, you can heal good. It reflects change, it makes change happen. If your clothes are part of your sadness, your illness, or your pain, let them go… and ALWAYS seek your healing style.