How to Dress for a Zoom or a Virtual Interview from a 

Image Consultant’s Perspective

Many of you may be looking for a new job right now and trying to dress to impress on Zoom or Google Hangouts, but you aren’t sure how to dress for a virtual interview. It’s a question I keep hearing over and over again.

You may be wondering where to place your computer so that interviewers can see you well but not get too much of you. You might be asking yourself, “what kind of look matters?” or “how do I make a good impression without being overbearing?” As a Certified Image Consultant, I wanted to answer your questions from my perspective.


Best Camera Placement for Virtual Interview

Let’s start with camera placement. In general, for all body shapes I suggest setting the camera at eye level, but slightly further back or tilted down so that you can see some of the chair you are sitting in and a bit of your surroundings. It will feel inviting, but not too relaxed. Calm and not overbearing while also attentive. 

More specifically, if you have a large bust, make sure to place the camera far enough away so that you can see more from your waist up instead of your chest up. OR you can place the camera a little higher and have it looking slightly down on you so that you get a better view of your face and not just your bust. 

Tips on What NOT to Wear for Virtual Meetings

Now let’s talk about colors and patterns. There are so many options in your closet that WILL work, but for the purposes of this piece I would like to focus on what NOT to wear. I am not trying to add stress at all. Our goal here is that the people you are speaking to on a virtual or Zoom interview call will really want to be present with YOU. Interviewers will want to focus on your personality as well as what you have to SAY while not being distracted by the clothes you’re wearing. 

Here are my top tips on what types of pieces to avoid when planning your virtual interview outfit:

Don’t blend into the background. For example, if the wall behind you or the chair you’re sitting in is green, I would suggest not wearing green. You’ll want to be sure that you are not wearing a color or pattern that blends you into your surroundings. This tapestry top could do just that as it could make you fade away. You want to be seen clearly so that you make a great impression.

Don’t wear a shiny top like this one. The sheen could reflect funny in the camera and can be a distraction.

Don’t wear bold patterns in a top or blazer, especially if you are busty. If you choose to wear a pattern, I would make it more of a tone on tone in color and not high contrast. And the safe bet is to go with a medium scale print in size. 

Don’t wear tiny patterns, especially stripes. They can pixelate and look funny on a screen. At the end of the day, a solid color that complements your skin tone and eye color is a best bet overall.

Don’t wear white…unless you are putting it under a blazer or sweater.  White tends to blow you out with cameras and certain lighting. A neutral jewel tone if you are a cool on the color spectrum or a beautiful autumn color if you are a warm are your best options. Overall, you want to wear a color that makes you feel like yourself and is best on your color chart with your eyes and skin tone. If you aren’t sure what your best colors are, set up a free 15-minute consultation with me here, and I will help you figure that out!

Don’t wear heavy jewelry. I don’t want your statement piece to be the only statement you make in your virtual interview that your interviewers would pay attention to. Save those fabulous statement pieces for other meetings or occasions after you have landed your new job. Opt for slightly more simple gold or silver accessories for the purposes of your first introduction.

Don’t wear heavy textures. This tip goes along with the no bold patterns tip but is a bit more nuanced. This top here is an extreme example of a heavy texture. Overall, heavy textures can not just be a distraction but they can add bulk. When standing and going about your normal day, they can look great. However, on a small screen from the waist up, they can definitely add bulk and may not be the most flattering

This one might seem obvious, don’t wear anything sheer or nude/ivory colored. Nipples or bra straps might show and nude/beige tends to wash out a lot of skin tones. This particular top has two strikes against it. Although pretty, it’s the color and the shine that I would not recommend for a virtual meeting.

So now that we are clear on what NOT to wear when planning your outfit for your virtual interview, I hope it makes it easier for you to choose what you WILL wear. Try to have fun ruling out pieces that fall into one of these 8 categories, and then see what options you have left to choose from.


When in doubt, wear a solid color that is pretty and makes your eyes pop. And one thing I didn’t mention but you smart ladies already know is don’t wear deep V’s or anything too revealing. That is a given. ☺️

Good luck, be yourself, and go get ‘em!

Healing with style,

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