How to Wear a Blazer for Any Shape, Outfit & Occasion

Blazers are fabulous investment pieces. I would much rather invest in a blazer than a top or dress because the blazer is the piece that pulls a look together and can give any look an instant uplift. Blazers can be worn so many different ways that ultimately your cost per wear goes down significantly over the many seasons and years that you will wear them.

Also, if you invest in a great quality one, it will make sure to stand the test of time and live longer FOR you.


Hi ladies! So I wanted to talk to you today about blazers and how to wear them right now into the winter, how you can be layering them, and wearing them with all different kinds of blazers right now.

So I wanted to start with just a basic look. I’m wearing my dark green pine Vince pants with my black leather boots and this vintage top that I bought last year in Cleveland at a vintage store that’s fun. It’s got white and black and this sort of coppery brown and also a neutral khaki. So it’s got all neutrals, so the look is very neutral except for this fun pattern. But I want to show you how many different looks we can get out of this one top by just changing the blazer and the layering piece. Let’s get started.

I can wear a white blazer and even though it’s winter I feel like white blazers are still totally doable. This blazer typically I mean technically I bought as a spring/summer blazer, but it’s heavy enough that it’s not a linen, double-sided poly. So I can wear a scarf with this with a jacket over it and still feel like I can get away with this. It’s not white, it feels like a winter white which I like. But it looks really good over this top, and I think it’s such a great clean look if you’re going out at night. Like I could put on a higher boot or a chunky heel with these pants and I think this is so chic because it’s dressier. It’s got the silver zippers and the silver buttons so it’s a great look, and that’s one way to wear a blazer right now. I would probably wear this more evening than I would during the day in the winter. But it just feels perfect for the holidays. It’s awesome for winter in the evening.

So next I have a black blazer. This one’s actually cropped and it is more of a fall/winter blazer. I always love, if it works depending on where the sleeves hit, I like pulling the sleeves down below the jacket. You can see how I’m doing that, like feeding them through and then pulling the jacket up a little bit so that the pop of pattern hangs out like almost like a cuff. I think that is so cute. This jacket actually has like a little almost like a men’s tail because it comes up in the back like almost like a coattail. But I think that’s so good. I would wear this to a luncheon or a dinner if it was more casual or some kind of event but that was more casual it just feels hip and cool. I love this. But it’s one way to wear your black blazer but to spice it up a little bit with a pattern over it. I like the crop because it adds shape here but it’s not so cropped that it’s above my waist or at my waist because then that would be weird with where the pant hem is and showing the shirt underneath. I like that it hits perfectly below the waistline of the pant so you don’t see all that — it doesn’t look as messy. So this would be perfect right now for multiple different occasions, dinners, lunches. I just think it’s great and black blazers never go out of style. I’ve got this one, I’ve got a couple of others, but this is the main one that I wear in the fall/winter. And it’s a thicker-weight fabric. It’s not wool, but it just has more thickness to it. But it’s a cool shape and it goes with a lot of things. It also looks really cute over dresses so this would be a good crop blazer. I love the detail of the darker on the bottom. It almost looks like you’re wearing a shirt that I can pull up that has like this cool texture and cool details. I like it a lot.

So here is a cardigan sweater which if you’ve been following me you probably seen before. This one what I like about it is its pattern mixing, which you’ve heard me talk about if you watch some of my other videos before. I love that it’s got the same kind of similar black and white and different pattern in it. But it works together and I can pull the sleeves down like that so then it’s kind of looks layered and it looks funky. It totally works with the same pair of pants and black leather boots. This I would wear more during the day. Again, I could wear this to a lunch. I envision this going to tea with a friend or something like that. Keep in mind ya’ll, if you’re working from home, these pants are elastic waist, which I love. If you’ve followed me for a while, you know I love elastic waist pants. Any of these looks would work on Zoom calls and you would look fabulous because you’re seeing mostly from the top up. You’d be comfortable on the bottom and not feel like, you know, the buttons are grabbing your waistline and you’re having to constantly adjust that. But I think you’ll be really comfortable and still look super stylish.

The other thing you can do with any of these looks is wear a black legging. So these happen to be a black suede legging that I’ve had for a while. But then these would work cuz this top without it being tucked in is actually pretty long. So this top over these leggings with any of these blazers and looks would be super cute. I mean that would be cute even just a don’t suede, these just happened to be suede. I have a black vegan leather jogger pant that would work with this. You can even just be wearing a Spanx legging like a black twill or some kind of you know elastic waist legging that’s comfortable on you that you could wear on the bottom under any of these types of looks.

I’m just trying to give you an example of one look with multiple different ways to wear it. This is the basic, the starting point. The cool thing is when you do this, people don’t necessarily remember, they might remember the top if it’s a statement top like this. But you can do this with different tops and play with the jacket and then you’ve got so many looks out of the pieces you already own.

I’ve got a faux fur jacket which I would wear evening. I’ve had this for a long time too. None of these pieces are new by the way, except these pants I got this year. This I love. This would be fun for evening. This feels like New Year’s Eve to me. I think this is a super fun look and way to wear it as well with the faux fur. I love this with like a fun clutch with rhinestones on it or something, and a cute hat. I love that look for like a New Year’s Eve look.

Okay, last one is a Gucci jacket — this is so special — that I bought in New York at a consignment store because I would never pay full price (and can’t afford to pay full price for Gucci). So this is from a consignment store and I’ll never get rid of his jacket, it’s so special. This little fur collar comes off so I don’t have to wear the fur collar. I’d wear the fur collar if I’m going out at night. This feels very fun. I love that the jacket and pants are not exactly the same color but they’re similar enough that it looks like you’re just wearing a monotone look. And then it’s got the the fun bell sleeve and the fur collar. So this super fun look too. Again, I would wear this if I was going to like a meeting or even New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Eve at home or something. It just feels like really chic and kind of different and sexy but also festive.

So that is what I would do with all kinds of different jackets and blazers. So many different ways to wear them with just one outfit. But also you can wear these over a dress, you can wear the black leggings like I showed you, you could be wearing a skirt with a top with a blazer. Just play with the different lengths and the colors. But I think these are a variety of different ways to wear blazers right now.

Let me know if you have any questions. I look forward to working with you and hearing from you. Comment below with anything. I’ll talk to you soon!

Here are some ideas of very similar blazers to the ones I personally own and show you in the video.

White Blazer

Link to shop

This white blazer is very similar to the Veronica Beard white blazer I own and show you in the video. I absolutely LOVE winter white. I am not at all opposed to wearing a spring/summer white blazer in the winter either for a hip day look or a dressy evening, as long as the blazer is lined and made of a poly weight or crepe material and is not cotton or linen.

Also, you can’t go wrong with the color white. Many women’s complexions can not take a cream, ivory or nude color on their upper body because of their skin tone. That can wash women out easily. But white is pretty much a no brainer because it will pop and brighten up your face , making it fun to wear a color underneath it as well. Wear your white blazer with black jeans or black pants and a sparkly top or over a dress and you can’t go wrong this holiday season.

Menswear Inspired Cropped Black Check Blazer

Link to shop

Tibi is one of my favorite brands, and in my mind who wouldn’t want to grab a Tibi blazer on sale.  If you are bigger around the middle, I would not suggest a cropped blazer like this one, but for those of you who are more straight or your waist is the part you would like to accentuate the most, then this blazer is fabulous.

One piece of advice whatever your body type, I always tell my clients to pull their sleeves up or in the case of this particular blazer, I would cuff the sleeves, show off the white lining and wear it with leather pants or jeans or a cute high-waisted skirt. Cuffing the sleeves and pulling them up always creates the illusion of length. Endless possibilities and this blazer will last you through the seasons. One note: when you are wearing a plaid like this, make sure to pull one of the colors from the plaid like purple, white or black, and play with those colors to wear with it.

Black Cropped Ted Baker Blazer

Link to shop

This Ted Baker reminds me very much of the black cropped jacket I show in the video. It is an absolute staple in my closet I have owned for many years. You can never go wrong with black blazers. This particular one would be great over dresses or with jeans, a skirt, vegan leather pants. You name it. I love the draping of the front and how it will easily hang. Not to mention the sleeves are already ¾ so no need to push them up, and like mine I showed you, you can even pull the sleeves of your top or dress out from underneath so that you can show the contrast of a color, pattern or fabric underneath and have fun layering. This is definitely a great investment piece and it’s less than $200.

Double-Breasted Black Blazer 

Link to shop

In case you didn’t already know, the 90’s are back. Pleats, double-breasted, boyfriend blazers and all. And sometimes they are wrapped up in one. If you are looking for a longer mid-length blazer with a slightly more relaxed boyfriend-style but still very pulled together, then this Anine Bing one fits the bill. And as I mentioned above, if you are thicker around the middle, you will want to go with a longer blazer like this one to give the illusion of length. The double-breasted will also help camouflage your midsection. If you aren’t into cropped pieces, then this is a great option for a workhorse black blazer closet staple.

Houndstooth Blazer

Link to shop

Many of you have commented in my IG Feed that you love my Veronica Beard Houndstooth Blazer. I didn’t show it in this particular video, but it is a special piece that I wear ALL of the time. I love it so much that I wanted to make sure to give you a similar option. And this Isabel Marant one looks divine. It’s super versatile for day or night. I would dress it up with leather or vegan leather black, brown, or even maroon pants and a cream top OR go with a black, ivory,  burgundy or caramel top underneath and a pair of dark high waisted jeans and you’ve got a fabulous look. Don’t forget to cuff the sleeves!

Army Green Jacket with Faux Fur Collar

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This jacket reminds me of a more casual version of the one I show you in the video but can absolutely be worn the same way because its faux fur collar is EVERYTHING! As I mentioned above, wearing white up against your face can help rosy up your cheeks and make color pop out, especially in dreary winter days. And in this case it takes the look of a bomber jacket up a notch. Wear this with a cozy sweater under it and jeans or a pair of velvet pants with a sparkly top and you are good to go.

Faux Fur Jacket

Link to shop

The faux fur cropped jacket I show in the video is one I have also had for a very long time. I have thought about letting it go so many times over the years but it really is a tried and true that I can wear during the day with jeans to add a little funk or at night with a dress and feel glam. I pulled this one for you in a neutral color they are calling Peachy Keen because I know it will work on many skin tones and the color gives it a dressy vibe as well. All for less than $100. Play with this jacket day and night this winter and you will see how even wearing it with sweatpants will spice up your day.

Oversized Cardigan

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This oversized cardigan doesn’t have ¾ sleeves like the one I show you in the video but it is oversized enough, that you can easily cuff and pull the sleeves up and layer pieces under it. The pattern reminds me of the subtle pattern of the one I show you, and the colors are neutral enough that you can absolutely pattern mix and wear various colors with it as well. This will make a dress seemingly a little more casual or you can wear a button-down and jeans underneath it and be comfortable and still look great.

As always, I am not here to tell you to go out and buy a bunch of pieces. What I am here to do is to help you make wise choices with the pieces you do buy. Make sure to comment below with questions.

Xo Megan