Dealing with Chronic Illness: Listen to My Interview on I’ll Go First Podcast

So last summer I was in the middle of taking Marie Forleo’s B-School AND Copy Cure programs to learn more about how to elevate my business in a new way when Jessica Minhas and I crossed paths. I don’t believe in coincidences. I believe that everything happens for a reason.

To begin with, I felt so lucky to have been called on by Marie Forleo and Laura Belgray. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of people who listen in on these calls and push a “Raise Your Hand” button in hopes of getting called on to ask a question and actually speak with these brilliant women. I had tried on multiple calls previously and this particular summer evening, I literally said a prayer and called on the guidance of my highest truth and compassion (a la one of Gabrielle Bernstein’s meditation methods), to come into my space that evening and to work through me if I was meant to be called on that night.

So when I got a message from Jessica the next day who happened to be on the same call, asking me to be on her podcast, I felt the stars align.


In All Honesty

My question to Marie and Laura had to do with sharing my healing story with Multiple Sclerosis with my audience and how to position that on my new website while still offering my virtual styling services at the same time. Marie brought tears to my eyes when she said she “appreciated my heart and could feel my commitment to serving.”

Jessica was listening in on the call that night when I shared my story and something struck a chord with her. The next day she sent me a Direct Message saying that she would love to interview me for her “I’ll Go First” Podcast, which focuses on mental health and trauma recovery. She said she had been looking to talk to someone about how fashion and our experience of ourselves can be so healing. Jessica said that my perspective was spot on with what she and her team were looking for.

So there it was. My prayers absolutely had been answered and my guidance had led me in an amazing new direction. Not to mention, I had a new friend: Jessica Minhas.


My New Friend

Jessica is the founder of I’ll Go First, which is a digital mental health nonprofit organization. They believe that everyone has a story and that every story matters. I’ll Go First loves helping people find freedom from their past so they can go live awesome lives daily.  One thing Jessica is most proud of is the tremendous resource that they have put together giving people access to over 35,000 social services in every zip code in the USA on the I’ll Go First website here.

In my first conversation with Jessica this past summer, we chatted for over an hour. She had me at hello. She was in Brooklyn. I was in Nashville. We bonded over crazy stories of our health journeys, living in New York City, our love of theatre, and so much more. It was one of those moments when I was genuinely grateful for how technology can bring two total strangers together in such an interesting way. I felt connected to a woman I had never met in person, I still haven’t, but whom I was instantly in awe of and inspired by. I thought I had a tough go of my health. But Jessica’s stories brought chills down my spine, and I immediately had pure empathy and compassion for her.

Dressing Your Body Through Life’s Transitions

When we recorded my episode of her podcast, “I’ll Go First with Jessica Minhas” which is titled: In All Honesty, Dealing with Chronic Illness with Personal Stylist and MS Warrior Megan Evans, the gates swung wide open. You can see us in pure bliss during our conversation in my screenshot above. Jessica asked in depth, thoughtful questions about my own personal health journey with MS, making it her goal to really understand my invisible illness better. I very quickly realized what a fabulous interviewer she is. Jessica’s curiosities led the conversation from how I got to know myself again after my worst MS episode to feeling empowered by focusing on what I CAN control instead of what I can’t. In the podcast, we speak openly about survivor’s guilt, and the power of connecting to women our age who are dealing with similar health issues.

Don’t for a second think we forgot fashion. We discuss how one way of being honest with ourselves is through our style and what style means to different people. I shared that even if we don’t love how our body looks or feels right now, we can still focus on the small parts that we love and use things like colors and fabrics to make us feel good each day. Because our bodies ultimately shift and change, and what we are going through now, may not be our forever body.

So if you have 50 minutes of free time this week, please take a listen here or wherever you get your podcasts.

I’m proud of this one, and I’m thrilled to share this moment with my new friend, Jessica.


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