My grandmother, Gaag, used to have us go around the dinner table and tell the story of our day. The rule was we always had to begin with “I got up” and before we went on, the rest of the dinner guests would respond in unison “Everybody gets up.”

Gaag’s purpose was to teach us that every person you meet gets up each morning, but the style in which they choose to approach their day and what they do with it is what really matters.

As a woman, getting dressed can be the best or worst part of your day, setting you up for either a frustrating one or one that showcases your most confident self.

Since founding my company in New York City in 2010, it’s been my mission to help women approach every day with enthusiasm, inspired by the clothes they put on their body, rather than being hindered by them. It is my joy and privilege to dedicate myself to helping women refine their wardrobes through my organic styling process.

“Passionate about the reasons behind why certain silhouettes and colors work for different people, Evans says her goal has always been ‘to make people feel confident in themselves and help them build their own personal style.’”

— Nashville Lifestyles


My mission has always been to instill confidence in my clients from the outside in, and therefore, the inside out.

As a woman dealing with Multiple Sclerosis for more than 16 years, I understand bodies’ transitions better than anyone. No two bodies are the same. I thrive on teaching women how to dress for their particular bodies because if you look good, you will feel good too.

I believe that styling isn’t all about buying new and pretty things. Sometimes it’s about finding treasures you didn’t know you already had in your closet and learning how to wear them to make them feel like you again.

I pride myself on intuitively getting to know you and your style very quickly.


With my background as a celebrity publicist and 14 years living in New York and LA, to my childhood in Charleston and recent years in Nashville, I have worked with women all over the country from stay-at-home moms to Fortune 500 CEOs and TV personalities. Having been certified as an Image Consultant from the Fashion Institute of Technology for over a decade, I understand how important things like necklines, strap width, and scale of patterns are for each client’s body and look. It is my training and my empathy that make my process uniquely mine.

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