Styling 2020 Holiday Looks: How to Mix Velvet, Sequins, Leather, Fur and More!

This year of all years for New Year’s Eve, I am telling friends, clients, and my community of women to pile on the sparkle and texture from their wardrobes for their NYE looks. Whether you are home with family or safely at a restaurant with your pod of favorite friends, there is no reason not to celebrate in style.

After all, 2020 is coming to an end, so that in and of itself is a reason to get dolled up and pile on the baubles. I am not telling you to make it tacky, but there is a tasteful way to mix and match your holiday textures, which I walk through in my video.

I have pulled some ideas for you below that are similar to the ones from my own closet in the video and made suggestions for different body types.

Hi ladies! Happy almost New Year. 2020 is almost behind us, thank goodness! And 2021 will be a wonderful fresh start and we’ll have this challenging year behind us, which is very exciting for so many people — including myself!
So anyway, what I want to talk today about is that on New Year’s Eve we can still be celebratory this year, especially this year of all years. And even if you’re just at home — who cares! My whole thing is, pour it all on! Pour on all the baubles, mix and match your gold and silver, wear your sparkles, get excited and pumped up about the New Year with your look. It all starts with your look, right? Because your clothes carry energy. So I want to talk today specifically about how to pull that look together, and how to mix and match your textures within your look. Whether its faux fur, real fur, velvets or suedes, all your different jewels, your clutches, your you know whatever, all of it, mixed gold and silver, mixed and matched. So you know me I love playing with the clothes in my closet. None of these pieces are new, in fact, a lot of these pieces are old, some of them are hand-me-down, some of them were my grandmother’s which are very special to me, some were my mom’s or my sister’s that were handed down to me, some are vintage pieces that I have bought over the years that I’ve kept and I wear in different ways on different occasions.

So I’m all about mixing and matching and keeping the pieces that you love in your closet and letting the go of the ones that you don’t. So let’s get started. I pulled out some tops that are very festive and sparkly kind of feeling or dressy if you will. This top is a fun one. It’s kind of like a tuxedo top — it looks like a tuxedo but it’s sleeveless. And it has a little bit of a sheen and a it’s a great easy fabric and it crinkles and doesn’t actually wrinkle. But it works under things and looks great tucked in or wearing out, tucked in with skirt or out. This is a vintage piece I bought a while ago that I love. This is a sparkly top I love that’s Cynthia Rowley. A couple years ago I bought this one and it’s got the deep square line in the front, so that’s the direction I would wear it on a night like New Year’s Eve, because it’s a little fun and festive and different and warrants dressing up a bit. A couple other tops I love. So here’s just a green it’s got texture in it so I’m going to talk about textures in a minute. A silky grey top. I got a the blue velvet skirt that some of you have seen in my reals that was my sisters in the 90’s that has stayed around. It’s very Sarah Jessica Parker from Sex and the City. It’s such a fun skirt and the perfect type of New Year’s Eve look. This blue is very in right now, but again, this is vintage in the 90’s, was my sister’s, but it’s so back in. So then this was literally part of a dress that was my grandmother’s. An old dress that my mom actually turned into a skirt. She wore this to a gala that she worked for an organization, a while back and this was her look for the gala with a different top and shoes. So I took this out of her closet, she wasn’t wearing it and it was in a drawer. And I was like, “I want that and I want it now!” because why not. This could be a day skirt, this could be a fun thing for New Year’s Eve. It has got so much sparkle and shine and such a happy skirt to me. It’s very sunny and feels happy. So what a piece to ring in the New Year. I’ve got black velvet pants that are cute and cropped with a little flare. These are Frame. Then I’ve got some jackets. So I wanted to show you how to mix and match different pieces.

So let’s just start with the bottom. Blue velvet skirt. So if you haven’t seen it, check out my Reels with this black top and I ended it with the blue skirt. I had the blue skirt tucked into the black top and they look really cute together. Now if I need a jacket, I would not put fur with velvet. FYI this is faux fur, this is fake and I’ve had that forever. But I don’t like those textures together. I think it’s too much. So that’s one tip: with velvet, I wouldn’t do a fur. Now you could do like a sequin jacket. Or this was my grandmother’s, this is a vintage actual real fur. This one is a little bit thinner than that other one, and so this one could maybe work. I don’t think that would be terrible, but I would rather see this skirt with like — I don’t have this, which is interesting, but I need to buy it, but if I was going out I’d wear like a shimmery cardigan over it with this look, or I would do like a scarf maybe like almost like a pashmina-type thing. I don’t really have it, and leather jacket would be weird. Maybe my white blazer which I don’t have on his rack. But something like that, but feels dressier but isn’t fur.

So this skirt with its shimmer is so fun. I actually just realized that this vintage little clutch would be really fun with this skirt cuz it’s kind of got the gold tones, because that’s one way to mix and match. This is like a sequin, beaded clutch. I think that’s so fun and then I would just do a solid top because that’s a lot. That’s a lot mixed together. I would also wear this clutch with the look I have on, which are the white pants and a navy top. So I think that works really well together. And it’s different and fun. And if you can see them, my shoes actually have a gold heel, so this would pull in the gold there. And then I’m wearing silver, a lot of silver jewelry. I don’t mind mixing and matching gold and silver, I do it all the time and I think it’s super fun.

So again, these textures. Just don’t go like I was saying before, don’t go overboard with mixing too many textures, like if you’re going to wear a velvet skirt, let the velvet speak for itself and be the main talking point of your look. Always start with one piece, and I’ve talked about that before but let the velvet speak for itself and be the main talking point of the look, and then add on little subtle things. You could do, I could do a ton of accessories with the velvet but not fur, but just come up with a different jacket that works.

So I do have these black velvet pants, speaking of velvet, which I think would be super fun. There are various tops that would work with these, but I also think, well the shoes I have on are great with them with their black strapping and they’ve got the gold heel. But I do think suede. These are my red suede shoes. I love these. This is fine. Those textures are great together. But I wouldn’t do a velvet shoe with a velvet pant. But I think this suede and the velvet are great together or you could do leather shoes. But I love that together, so those are fun textures. I could even in fact (sorry, necklaces all over the place), but I could even do this textured silver clutch with the red suede with the black velvet pants. So there’s options, but just don’t pile on one of the things, so don’t wear tons of velvet or shimmer, unless it was all one piece or a matching set. Matching sets are very in right now. So if it was a matching set that was all shimmery together that’s fun. But mix and match. These are three totally different textures and they all work together.

This top would be really pretty with these velvet pants, and that’s like a shimmery fun sparkly top with the velvet pants, I love that. Now I know I just said something totally different a minute ago, this was my grandmother’s vintage fur jacket which I absolutely love, which I would totally wear with the look I have on, which are winter white pants, high waisted, with this navy top tucked in and this jacket which is so fantastic. So if I needed to have something for warmth I would absolutely wear that. Which is exactly opposite of what I said a minute ago. But this velvet pant, because it’s black, and it doesn’t stand out so much, I actually would wear it with this fur with this top. See how the top pulls in the color of the fur? The sort of gold fleck? They’re very similar, so I love those together with the pant. But I wouldn’t do the red shoe. I would do a black shoe with the black pant with this top with the velvet jacket. I know I said don’t wear velvet and fur together, but in this case, I actually think it works, because you’ve got the whole look working together. So that’s super fun.

You know I’m all about wearing pieces that are meaningful to you. So whether it’s what I have which is my grandmother’s fur jacket and it’s just something I might pull out once a year, but I’ll never get rid of it, and it means a lot to me. So wear pieces that make you happy and mean something to you, too. It’s really important and like I’ve always said, they all carry energy. Our clothes hold our history, and they carry their different energy with them. We can either enjoy them and love the piece, but if they don’t make us feel good then get rid of them. I hope this helps for some inspiration on how to pull your looks together for this New Year’s Eve. Happy 2020 being over, Happy New Year to 2021!

I want to just put this on with the look I have on right now, because this is going to make me happy and feel good knowing that my grandmother would be happy. And it’s so cozy and fabulous. So I that’s it. Let me know if you have any questions and comment below and Happy New Year, ya’ll! We’re onto new and wonderful things in 2021. I’ll see you soon.

Get all dolled up for New Year’s Eve and have fun with your pieces and have fun with new looks. I’ll talk to you soon.

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Hope you have a wonderful New Year. Let’s ring in 2021 in Style.

As always, please comment below with questions.

Xo, Megan