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It’s time to welcome some new clothes into your closet!

If your wardrobe is truly no longer working for you, then investing in some timeless pieces can help you get a lot of fresh looks out of your new purchases.

Are you stuck, buying similar styles of items and the same brands over and over? I commonly hear from my clients that they hate shopping and would rather have someone else do it. Or my clients tell me that they love shopping, but feel that they are buying the wrong pieces and not spending wisely.

It’s so important to have a game plan before you start investing in new pieces.

Whether you hate to shop or love to shop, it can be helpful to have a set of trained eyes pulling pieces that you normally wouldn’t pull for yourself. That’s where I come in. If you’re not ready for me to shop for you, jump to my tips below.


Shop & STYLE

Wish you had something new to wear?

Whether you are going through a life transition (new job, motherhood for ex.) or you just wanna step it up a notch with your wardrobe and need new pieces, but don’t know where to start, I can help. I’ll hunt down the key items you need to complete your closet, personalized to your budget, needs, and style.




  • Think of who your style icon is. Flip through magazines and see which celebrities and styles you gravitate towards.
  • What basics are they wearing that you don’t already own. Black blazer? Chambray shirt? Nude pumps?
  • Focus on the pieces that will give the best cost per wear or bang for your buck.
  • Begin to make your needs list. Follow that list when you go shopping.
  • Follow my personal rule: When one new item comes in, two must go out of your closet. This helps your closet remain full of pieces that you know you’ll wear, instead of being overstuffed with items that take up mental and physical space in your wardrobe.


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Not ready to commit to a full closet purge?

Take the guesswork out of dressing for your body and your style with my Define Your Style package.

In this 90-minute session, we’ll cover essential style advice, including your best necklines, proportions, patterns, and colors, down to your everyday styling dilemmas, such as “do mid-rise or high-rise jeans work for me?” or “tucked or untucked?” Here you can gain the tools you need to decide what types of pieces are working for you in your closet and you will get a brief closet edit as well.

$195  | 90 minutes