judy’s story


Growing up, I was not aware of style. My parents were progressive for their time. We didn’t have any women’s magazines around the house, and we didn’t watch TV. As a result, I never knew that styles changed every year, much less HOW they changed. As I am approaching 65 and starting to date again, I was encouraged by a friend to hire a stylist to help me edit my over-stuffed closet. I was concerned that there would be nothing left, but I made the call anyway!

After all of these years, I still didn’t follow style trends. I tended to go to stores and try on clothes and buy what seemed acceptably flattering and was comfortable, usually right before I needed clothes for travel. Shopping was like a job to me because my confidence in my styling was so low. After working with Megan, I realized how many pieces I bought and never took price tags off because I didn’t know how to wear them with the other pieces in my closet.

Megan had me try on everything. We decided what pieces to donate that didn’t flatter my shape, and she helped me see which were ill-fitting and needed an alteration. Ultimately, Megan taught me why certain shapes were flattering on my body and why some weren’t. A square neckline, for example, I learned highlights my broad shoulders instead of minimizing them. I began to anticipate what would probably not work well on me. I had a couple of favorites that I expected Megan to recommend I donate, and to my surprise, those favorites sometimes broke the rules and worked!!

As Megan and I worked through what to keep, she showed me several combinations that I NEVER would have thought to style together! I felt like I was tripling my wardrobe as I was learning how to mix and match. Megan was open to making everything work that still could. To keep me on top of the game, she also photographed my new looks and made notes for me in my digital lookbook so I didn’t have to remember it all. She even suggested I look for a couple of versatile staples (a white jacket, for ex.) to add to my closet and gave me some great organizational tips.

I didn’t expect to ENJOY the process and to learn so much about my wardrobe possibilities. I am grateful to Megan for increasing my understanding and confidence about what flatters my body and teaching me how to get the most out of my purchases.

Thanks to Megan I am now confident that I will look and feel good while embarking on my next adventures!

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