vanessa’s story


I felt I needed to dress more appropriately for my age as I approach 40, since I have such a variety of pieces that at times felt too young or too wild. My dilemma was how can I make my closet more practical, functional and fun for my body shape as it transitions without buying new things. I was so excited to have a session with Megan and have someone else see what I had in my closet. Megan was so genuine and real. She wasn’t trying to sell me something. She read the situation and my needs and gave me ideas on how to ease into my new age. In such a short time, Megan was able to give me guidance and help me understand the value of the pieces I have now. I always loved colored bottoms but could never figure out how to wear them.

Megan gave me the confidence and lots of helpful tips on how to play with color on my bottom half. What Megan taught me most importantly was the kinds of jeans I should wear best for my body type, and let me tell you, it opened up a whole new world for me! She even told me how to fix a hem on one of my age-old skirts I loved but never used to wear. She taught me how I can dress it up with what I already own, and thanks to her I have been wearing it a ton now. I really admired the way Megan was so calm and detail-oriented. I really took to heart what she said about being age-appropriate and started to dress more fun on the weekends but more classic with a twist when going to work.

She showed me what lengths of necklaces are best with certain tops and dresses in my closet. She even followed up with a list of tips for my body and a list of a few pieces I needed to purchase to complete my wardrobe. I have already bought a couple of pieces that were inspired by our session. Now I am having fun reinventing what is already in my closet and whenever I get dressed, I say “I think Megan would approve of this outfit.”

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