What You SAY Will BE

Finding the Confidence to Heal With Style

Style has been there for me in every important moment of my life. It was there for me in the costumes I wore when I first discovered my love of theatre. It was there on my wedding day, when I wore the same dress my mother and grandmother had worn at their weddings years before. And it is with me every day as I pursue my chosen career as a personal wardrobe stylist living in Nashville, helping others discover their true style.

My first teacher in style was my beloved grandmother, a person of boundless grace and energy. For her, style was more than simply dress or appearance: it was the art of paying attention. Receiving guests warmly. Treating friends with kindness. Maintaining your poise under trying circumstances. My grandmother taught us how to speak and to listen: we were never allowed to leave the dinner table without telling each other the story of our day. I am so grateful to her for reminding me that we must always tell our stories. My grandmother’s name was Helen and her friends called her Tillie, but to me she will always be Gaag.

Gaag’s wisdom was never more needed than the day I was first diagnosed with MS. I’d had symptoms for years and always put them down to other causes—migraines, exhaustion, environmental stress. Then one day while visiting my family in Charleston, feeling very run down, as I had just left my life behind in New York and was on my way to embark on a new job path in Los Angeles, my left leg buckled underneath me.  I immediately thought: something is not right.

So I went to our family doctor in Charleston and he told me, “There are three things it could be. Either it’s a brain tumor, a stroke, or it’s Multiple Sclerosis.” And all I could think was, I’ll take Door Number Three, please if I have to choose. I was actually hoping it was MS because the alternatives were so much more terrifying.

And it turns out, what I was dealing with was in fact Multiple Sclerosis. (This was confirmed to me officially 6 months later in California after a series of many tests.) The first test though was a horrific spinal tap which was performed by the first neurologist I have ever been. It was that same day in Charleston. His name I have blissfully forgotten. Not only did his office lose the test results after putting me through hell, but he was the one who told me that I would probably wind up in a wheelchair one day.

I will always remember the complete anger and devastation that washed over me when I heard these words. Who IS this dude? I remember thinking (although I confess that is one of the milder words I had for him). Who was HE to tell ME what my future would be? I was only 24 years old. And if he was right, what was the point of listening to him?

But he wasn’t right. Because this was one of those times when Gaag’s hard-earned talent for style came to my rescue. I remembered my manners. And so, my answer to Dr. I-Don’t-Remember’s prediction was a single, very polite “No.”

Please remember this isn’t what I was feeling. What I was feeling was the floor dropping out from under me. And at the end of my long fall was an image of me sitting in a wheelchair. But what I decided was to say “No” to the fate he had chosen for me. And what I said to myself was an empathic and defiant YES.

Somehow I found the strength to pick myself up with a little help from my mom and walk out of that neurologist’s office… and I’ve never stopped walking since.

You Can Defy the Odds… With Style

That first step forward with MS… and it was and always will be a step forward… was the beginning of an adventure that took me to new cities, a new life with my husband Craig, and a new career I love. I’m still on that adventure—and I’ve shared it with many wonderful people who are also saying YES to themselves with style.

In October 2018, I had another awakening. I had just come back from Gabby Bernstein’s Spirit Junkie Masterclass, Level 2. I was very open and reacclimating myself into my daily life after an incredibly transformational week with over a hundred women. I came home to a message from an old friend’s husband: he asked me to offer some words of encouragement to his wife, as she was now dealing with a devastating cancer diagnosis and the aftermath of a major surgery and treatments.

I sat down to meditate on what I wanted to say to her, and what I could offer. I came up with a long list of things, but the one that stood out the most was this:

Take the doctor’s appointments as information you need to heal YOURSELF. NOT as facts that whatever they say must be. Remember that whatever YOU say WILL be! They are not God. You have the power here. I had a doctor tell me I will be disabled IF I didn’t take a new drug. I’m NOT nor will I EVER be because I believe that. Just trust that you WILL defy their odds!!

What YOU say WILL be! I knew the feeling I wanted to convey to my friend… the same feeling that had helped me stand up to the neurologist’s diagnosis… the same confidence my beloved Gaag had taught me years before. But it was only when I wrote the words that I KNEW what I wanted my friend to live, and believe, and embrace. Because they were words I needed as well.

What you SAY will BE is an affirmation. It’s a new belief system. It’s a change in the way we approach things. It’s how I speak to my body and remind myself that I am constantly healing.

Today I have chosen a whole array of rituals, treatments, and therapies for my own healing. These include meditations, affirmations, music (very important!), time with friends, time to rest and exercise, CONSTANT learning and discovery… and absolutely, they include the benefits of medical science as well. The difference is that I’m not waiting for doctors to tell me what small portion of my life is left to me. I get my own answers and pursue my own healing with a passion. I insist on guiding my own healing journey. That’s what I wanted my friend to know. It’s what I want all of my friends, and clients, and YOU, to know as well.

Whatever changes or challenges you face, your healing is within you. And you can do it with style. What you SAY will BE.

Speak to Your Cells… and Your Body Will Follow

Sherry Anshara, my medical intuitive, taught me to speak to my cells. I have been working with her for years. Every day I say this:

I Megan, speak to all of the cells, particles, and molecules at the subatomic level of my body and ask them to remember being perfectly healthy and operating perfectly. 

When you speak to your cells in this way… with the perfect confidence and acceptance that you KNOW is within you… it will astonish you how quickly the cells in your body will respond. Don’t forget to listen! Listen to what your body, your mind, and your spirit is telling you. Be present and available to yourself, as you would to a dear friend who’s asked you for help and encouragement.

This was the first lesson in style I learned from Gaag, and I do my best every day to embrace it and share it with others. How to listen and respond. How to tell YOUR story. How to pay attention. How to move forward. And how to do it all with style.